Born and raised in Hong Kong, Chun Ming originally moved to the United States to study at the University of Denver. He earned a degree in Environmental Science and made the decision to stay in the US to begin his professional career. After several years of working at a corporate environmental engineering company in Denver, he longed for more of a creative outlet and so moved to Los Angeles to pursue his passion as a cinematographer.

Chun Ming currently works as a cinematographer, but takes time off to nurture his passion for photography. He aims to capture images that not only captivate viewers, but also will help improve and fine tune his skills as a cinematographer. Through his vast world-wide travels, Chun Ming captures images that are unique and intriguing. Through his choice in subject, his own personal style and taste emerge, providing a fresh view. He often takes the road less traveled to provide an image not seen before from other photographers. As with cinematography, he is aware of shadows and light, and strives to capture a good balance of the two in relation to the image.

Thank you for stopping by to view these prints. Your comments are appreciated. Feedback of any kind will encourage and inspire further creative work. Please email any comments to


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